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Man Of The World

This song is about unwinding your karmic entanglements & releasing your negative energy patterns. By doing so you will no longer be a victim of verdicts from others or yourself. Then behold the wonders that follow.

Relax & Enjoy The Ride

This song is about letting go of who you think you are to be who you really are each moment of each day. Always guiding your feelings, thoughts and words to what you want to manifest & that which makes your heart sing.

Tell a Better Story

The first book I read regarding Law Of Attraction was “Law Of Attraction” by Jerry & Esther Hicks. This was an excellent start to a long journey reading many similar books & starting to live on purpose using the teachings in all of these books. The first lesson I picked up was to Tell A Better Story about your desires & state of being. So I wrote this song about the impact this concept had on my life.

True Believer

When I was taking the Foundations Class at the Center for Conscious Living in the Spring of 2013, Reverend Carol Lawson told us that her daughter had sent her a card that said, “You’re just one conscious thought away from having a good time”.  I thought this was a great opening line for a song & I told her so.  For 6 months I was singing the opening line in my head until one night I decided to write the song.  It was done in 15 minutes with virtually no editing.  I was reading Ernest Holmes & Neville Goddard at the time so that helped.  This song makes me feel such joy & has lyrics you can live by.  This is one of the best songs I have recorded & I am very grateful for this gift from God.