Wake Me When It’s Over – Good song, Dan. I like the guitar intro. Good changes going on throughout the song and your vocal is really good. Very well performed! 😁 Peace!

Richard Groce aka Big Daddy Ricc

I Still See Your Eyes has good energy in the tracks & performances.

Ronald Reed Jackson

Flip The Switch – Fantastic guitar and voice, I loved the rhythm and the guitar, very cool progression and feeling, really nice vibe!!!


Go With The Flow has a very cool feeling, I loved the changes of rhythm and the drums, very good melody and voice, cool guitar, all the song flows, a pleasure to hear this 🎸


Go With The Flow is a very nice track

Daniel Joe

Like the title Go With The Flow…Great vocals and production!!! Real nice song Dan!!!

Jimmy Graziano

True Believer is a Nice song Dan! Great vocals!!! Great Lyrics!!! Excellent!!

Jimmy Graziano

True Believer is a Nice song Dan! Great vocals!!! Great Lyrics!!! Excellent!!

GOLDEN DAY Walk Into The Light is very cool!!! I loved the voice and the melody and the melody, very nice feeling and atmosphere, great sound and guitar, beautiful song Dan!!!

This month’s SPOTLIGHT combines skilled recording/programming and performance chops along with some killer tones, resulting in a superb overall track.

In his production notes, Dan tells us that he initiated the recording with a rough demo consisting of a click track, bass and rhythm guitars, and lead vocal. Once that was prepared, he passed it on to Chris, who programmed the drum parts using Superior Drummer. Huge kudos to Dan for bringing in some outside assistance for his drums here.

For years, we have been pointing out that the weak spot in so many one-person recording submissions is the drum programming. Wearing multiple hats while creating/arranging and recording is difficult enough, and for a non-drummer, the chances of constructing a realistically programmed performance are poor. To that end, we have suggested time and again that getting help from an experienced programmer with solid drum knowledge could be an invaluable asset, and the drums here are proof positive. We love the straightahead solid feel of the drums, and the tones are impressive across the board. Well done, gentlemen.

Armed with his drum track, Dan loaded it into his Pro Tools rig and began to recreate his keeper parts in earnest—and boy, that sweet group of preamps, DIs and compressors sure provide an awful nice signal path! Rarely do we hear the level of richness and clarity that we find on the various sound sources that comprise “Wake Me When it’s Over”. The bass is full but articulate, ditto the guitars and vocals, and we are happy to report that the dreaded sibilant and overcompression/limiting artifacts that plague so many submissions are nowhere to be found here.

We also must give Dan his props for a succinct arrangement that leaves plenty of frequency space for all of the instruments and vocals presented, and for a clean and thoughtful mix that brings out the best in each while still presenting a unified whole.

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Marty Peters

Your music is quite stunning.  I listen mostly in my car and it is an excellent decompress.  Reminds me a little of John Lennon – Please take this as a compliment.
Bill Aldrich

I had a chance to listen to “It’s My Turn and I definitely enjoyed it. The guitar work on “Where is the Love” was great.
Brian J. Neunaber

Neunaber Audio Effects

It’s My Turn has some cool production and good tunes. I like the lyrics in Man of the World – Great stuff man.
Norman Taylor

I really like your music, honestly. I had trouble placing which groups you remind me of or seem inspired by. Whichever groups inspired you are undoubtedly ones in my collection.
Jeff Gibbard

Life I For Living is my Favorite Track on It’s My Turn – Great Vocals.
Evan Long

Your album – It’s My Turn – in my opinion is the best compilation you have done to date. It tells your journey through the instruments and vocals and how now is truly – your turn. Congratulations on an album very well done!
Ellen Mangenheim

All I have to say is “It’s My Turn” is Damn Good!!!
Jerry Dolchin

I went to your website and I absolutely LOVE your music!!!
Joyce Akiko

Thank You for sending me I Still See Your Eyes & True Believer – They have a Crosby Nash & Byrds vibe – Very Nice.
Yvette Page

I just had to let you know how your CD “Out Of Control” is very rightly named. You go from songs with lyrics to instrumental that evoke such emotions and thoughts. Each word and verse takes you to another dimension. You truly rock the rock, keep it up! Love love love it!!!!
Ellen Magenheim

Thank You the Gift of your Beautiful Music.
Gina Bellon

Center for Conscious Living

I just wanted to reach out to you to tell you how much I enjoy True Believer – Notice I did not say enjoyed as I listen to it every day! Walk Into The Light really moves me. The whole CD is so inspirational and each time I listen to it, I hear something new. It is amazing how words can truly have an impact. So that being said, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear the next one.
Ellen Magenheim

The website looks great and I really like True Believer.
Walter Newkirk

I just previewed “True Believer” sounds great !!!!!!
Roycee Martin

Dan great stuff super production on True Believer!!!
Norman Taylor

Well I finally got a chance to listen to your new CD ‘Out of Control’ and I was blown away from the fine guitar work [and] bass and synthesizer sounds. Strings sound great also. I’m impressed, wish I was around to help you market it…really like ‘Out Of Control.
Dave Bantle

Just letting you know that we received “Take Me Down Slowly” & “Choice Cuts” and that you are now on the KQLN Artist Playlist. We’re going to start things off with “Fresh Breeze” and then after a while, “Forever And A Day”, and then “Bye Bye To You”.

KQLN 91.3 FM

We reviewed your CD’s and enjoyed them both, thanks for sending them to me. We’ve added Choice Cuts to our current active playlist and Take Me Down Slowly to our local music library. Congrats!
Lisa Uber

Music Director, RPM Director WRSU-FM Rutgers Radio

Dan’s music is very soothing to the ears, while delivering a extremely catchy hooks. If you take some of the great artists of the last 5 decades, all of them produced hits by giving us a catchy beat & great lyrics. Dan’s music accomplishes all of that giving the listener something to sing along to. The first song of Dan’s that I heard was “No Particular Reason”. After listening to it once, I could not stop replaying it in my head. From that moment, I knew I wanted to purchase the rest of Dan’s collection. Consider me a great fan and I look forward to many more years of new music.
Bruce Wirt

I have been listening to Dan’s music for quite some time. Choice Cuts is by far his best, most enjoyable album to date. There is an obvious attachment to a musical genre that Dan is very in touch with. The instrumental and lyrical aspects of the album as a whole are just fantastic. Great listening and a lot of fun. Keep up the good work.
Gary Garmin

In this uncertain world that we live in today, one thing that I know for sure is that Dan Dailey is a breath of fresh air in today’s world of music. Dan’s two current CD’s (One Sided Love Affair and Walk Into the Light) are both compilations of what I term “Reflective Feel Good Music”. Dan seems to have captured the melodies and tones of the Early Sixties California Rock Generation and teamed up his lyrics to provoke memories of Life, Loves, Lessons Learned and Life’s Victories and Defeats. One prime example is the song “In This Town” from the CD One Sided Love Affair. In This Town could be as quaint as Haddonfield, New Jersey or as bustling as Los Angeles, California. What Dan’s music conveys in his versatile guitar stylings throughout his tracks, is that life takes us on many journeys and that when we reflect on them musically, we need someone like Dan Dailey to take us there. If you appreciated The Byrds, The Eagles, Buddy Holly and Gerry and the Pacemakers music stylings, you cannot afford to miss Dan Dailey’s One Sided Love Affair and Walk Into the Light CDS.
Frank DiPinto

I agree – “Go With The Flow. It is great and especially means a lot in this strange world. Enjoy…

Jerry Dolchin

Hi Dan, got a chance to listen to the entire CD in the car last week driving up to Westfield. So, I had excellent surround sound Dan Dailey. I really enjoyed it. Lots of positivity in the lyrics and great guitar licks. I think my fav cuts were Go With The Flow, It’s My Turn & Enjoy The Ride which took some chances stylistically. The whole thing sounded like you had a blast writing, playing, singing and recording it, which is what art is all about. Good luck promoting it and thanks for sharing.

Rosemary Parillo

So Sad About Us Now is great, vocals are so so good, thought I was gonna cry. This song is a winner – Great Job.

Fred Feldmeth

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