I released my latest CD “Here I Go Again” in July 2019. It was the initial collection of songs that I recorded on Pro Tools. A bit of a learning curve but without question the sound quality of the music was greatly enhanced by this new recording platform.

You can check out all Songs, Lyrics & Song Stories in the “Here I Go Again” Album Tab.

I recently received a 5 Star Review in Recording Magazine – See the link to read the full review & listen to “Wake Me When It’s Over”. This review was a nice gift from the universe.

SPOTLIGHT 124: Dan Dailey – “Wake Me When It’s Over”

I am now working on my next CD Project “Go With The Flow”.
I will be rerecording some of my favorite songs containing spiritual based lyrics plus recording 3 to 4 new songs with similar themes.

I have completed recordings for “Flip The Switch” & “Tell A Better Story”.
Using Pro Tools enabled me to deliver a much bigger sound then on previous recordings. For that gift I am very grateful.

Go to the Home Page to listen to the full version of “Tell A Better Story”. Go to the “Go With The Flow” Album Tab for Lyrics & Song Stories for “Flip The Switch” & “Tell A Better Story”

My CD’s “Here I Go Again” / “Flip The Switch” / “It’s My Turn” / “True Believer” & “Out Of Control” are available for Purchase at CD Baby, ITunes, Amazon & other Internet based Music Sites.

If you would like to contact me I can be reached at 856-870-5335 or ddailey53@aol.com

I hope you enjoy the music – Feedback is Welcome.

Dan Dailey