My current CD Release of new recordings titled “Go With The Flow” was released in April.

You can check out all Songs, Lyrics & Song Stories in the “Go With The Flow” Album Tab.

The Lyrics for all of the songs are based on Non-Denominational Spiritual Themes.

I also released “Erlton Music 1986 to 1989 in July. This release contains 15 of the approximately 45 to 50 songs I recorded in that time period. I had an Indie Label & Publishing deal and these songs would have been released in 1989. Some hard life lessons derailed that from happening. So all these years later I am releasing these songs into the universe now – Great Energy.

I am currently at working on my next release titled “Life Is For Living”. The theme for these songs will be about relationships past & present.

I have completed “Here I Go Again”, “In This Town”, “Life Is For Living” “So Sad About Us Now” & “I’m So Sorry” which is posted on the Home Page and in the “Life Is For Living” Album Tab.

The music for “Go With The Flow” / “Here I Go Again” / “Flip The Switch” / “It’s My Turn” / “True Believer” / “Out Of Control” & “Erlton Music 86 To 89” are available for Purchase at CD Baby, ITunes, Amazon & other Internet based Music Sites.

If you would like to contact me I can be reached at 856-870-5335 or [email protected]

I hope you enjoy the music – Feedback is Welcome.

Dan Dailey