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Here I Go Again

I’ve had a number of visits from my father after he passed in 1989. They have always been short but were very interesting encounters that in many ways I thought were quite profound. He visited me during a hypnosis session recently. These visits are always on his terms not mine. He has been traveling with his father my grandfather on his last two visits. My grandfather never says anything but I always love seeing him again. I wrote the lyrics based on this visit. His only words were “All that you desire is at hand”. I believe it’s very spiritual message with regards to Laws of Attraction & Manifestation. I am very pleased with this song as a response to the words my father said.

Hold Back

This song was written from the point of view that while we all want to be in love and have a relationship unless we can fully surrender to that person we should hold back until we know a little bit more.

I’m So Sorry

This song is about being truthful when a relationship has finished its journey. I love the lyrics for their honesty.

In This Town

I had a friend who lived across the street from the Collingswood Speedline.  Read the lyrics & they will tell you all about this song.

Life Is For Living

I wrote this for my Father after he passed in 1989. The reaction for me being that you have to live every day.  As one of the lyrics in the chorus states “I’m gonna stand & fight as long as there is breath left in me”.

So Sad About Us Now

I was involved in a relationship with a woman that started decades ago. Too long to get into the details in this forum. Through circumstances that transpired over the years it became apparent to me that neither on us were in accord on how to continue to move forward. My affection for this person has not changed over the years and never will. I wrote this song about the current fracture in our relationship.

Take Me Down Slowly 

I wrote this regarding some relationships that I have had where the other person is going way too fast – I was advising them to slow things down allowing us to get to know each other before long term commitments were being made.