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Where Is The Love

I wrote this song in 2003, I had just finished my 1st CD release after not recording original music in over 14 years. We had family over for dinner on a Sunday Night & my now ex-wife said to everyone at the table “Are you done now”? Meaning are you done recording. As I was just starting to build my studio & I knew I could do better recordings I said “No I am just getting started”. Well 9 years later I got divorced. In retrospect that is where the relationship changed. Our lives started taking different paths. This is another one of my favorite songs with very nice musical textures throughout the song.

Hold Out Now

This song is about holding on to your dreams in the face of external or internal adversity.

Fresh Breeze

I wrote this song in 1985, I appreciate the lyrics more today than the day I wrote this song. For spiritual growth you have to evolve & that what this song is about for me. The lyrics in the Bridge sums it all up. “Kick around any town & before too long / You’ll hear the sound of the same of the same sad song You feel used up / Tell me how / Tell me how can you stay / When all the love’s gone away / You need a Fresh Breeze / What you need every day / You need a Fresh Breeze”.

Go With Flow

I wrote this song in 1986 & like some of my other songs written in that era I did not recognize the spiritual connection in the lyrics. It is apparent to me now that the lyrics are very spiritual in a thinly veiled way. Many of the books that I have read in the last 9 years all refer enjoying the journey, ride the river downstream, never go against the current, surrender & go with the flow of life. That’s what this song is about.

Flip The Switch

The lyrics have to do with tuning into a higher energy vibration that serves your greater good. The 2nd verse advises you to turn off the monkey mind chatter & get into the gap where a clear mind allows you to know where you going.

That Kind Of Girl

I had a great relationship with someone that had all the elements of a long term relationship. Sad to say it was short lived but it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

Walk Into The Light

In 2003 Walk Into The Light was the first song I wrote in over 14 years. I was thinking what do I write about? I could not think of anything so I wrote about the fact that I had not written a song in over 14 years. When I was recording the vocals I realized that it was a spiritual song & one of the best songs I had ever written. It got me started on the path & the spirit of the song continues to sustain my commitment to music and a spiritual way of living. For which I am very grateful.

It’s My Turn

I wrote this from the perspective that all we desire is available to us right now.  We don’t have to suffer & we don’t have to travel because we are already there.  It’s your turn to receive right now.

In This Town

I had a friend who lived across the street from the Collingswood Speedline.  It was noisy & he said you could never get to sleep in this town – Yet he still loved living there.

Baby Please Come Back

I had a lady friend at a one point in my life that I really liked. A real relationship never evolved. What did evolve for several years was that she would stop by unannounced after a Happy Hour or whenever she felt like it for a Friends with Benefits encounter. Strangely enough this started to become an issue with me. As I resisted her advances she decided to come on strong pushing for a relationship. It never happened & I have not seen see her since.

Days of Autumn

This song came from the Collingswood 1970’s era of my life – This song was written about a beautiful late autumn day.  This song has sensory based lyrics projecting an imagery that anyone can relate to from their own experience with this seasonal change.