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I Still See Your Eyes

This song is about when you breakup with someone & no matter how much you never want to see them again your dreams are advising you otherwise.

Go With Flow

I wrote this song in 1986 & like some of my other songs written in that era I did not hear the spiritual connection in the lyrics. Upon listening to it recently it became apparent that the lyrics are very spiritual in a thinly veiled way. Many of the books that I have read in the last couple of years all refer enjoying the journey, ride the river downstream, never go against the current & go with the flow of life.

True Believer

When I was taking the Foundations Class at the Center for Conscious Living in the Spring of 2013, Reverend Carol Lawson told us that her daughter had sent her a card that said, “You’re just one conscious thought away from having a good time”. I thought this was a great opening line for a song & I told her so. For 6 months I was singing the opening line in my head until one night I decided to write the song. It was done I 15 minutes with virtually no editing. I was reading Ernest Holmes & Neville Goddard at the time so that helped. This song makes me feel such joy & has lyrics you can live by. This is one of the best songs I have recorded & I am very grateful for this gift from God.

1st Verse You’re just one conscious thought away from having a good time / So say good bye to the blues & welcome the sunshine / When you believe you’ll receive / The truth is in your mind / Be a True Believer

Don’t Look Back In Anger

This song is truly about forgiveness & getting over the need to blame someone for your issues in life. I wrote the song about my parents, primarily about my mother. I wrote this song in 1986, it has more resonance for me now than ever before. This song is contains some of my best lyrics. They reflect my coming to terms with what had to be resolved while allowing me to forgive myself for holding on to my own resentments for so long.

It’s A Secret

I wrote this song in 1986, I know who I wrote it about but It’s A Secret. I like the way the music compliments lyrical imagery

Take Me Down Slowly

I was at a Billy Idol concert in 1987 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. Near the end of the concert I heard a song in my head that had nothing to do with what was being played. Upon leaving the show I started singing “Take Me Down Slowly”. I went home & wrote the song in very quickly. I based the song on a woman I was seeing at the time who was pushing the relationship faster than I thought was necessary. I signed a Publishing Contract with Bear Down Publishing in 1987 & I joined BMI because of this song. Lastly, I know this song was used by stripper friends of mine & a Porn Studio called me & asked me if they could use it in a film, I declined. Good Times!!!

The Gift Of Life

The day after I wrote “True Believer” I decided I wanted to write another song while the door was open. I was reading a Neville Goddard book at the time & the plan was to open the book to a random page, scroll down the page for a song title. The first sentence of the opening paragraph started off with The Gift Of Life. That was easy. For me the song is about the blessings we receive each day that unites us all. Love makes all your dreams come true.

Blue Sky Blue

I co-wrote the lyrics with Anne Delaney as we share similar spiritual beliefs. I love this song because it has an interesting chord progression & interesting musical textures matched with New Thought based lyrics which are good words to live by. I feel that Blue Sky Blue is one of the best songs I have recorded. I am also very grateful that Anne Delaney shared her spirit on this song.

Blame It On The Moon

I love the opening line, “I know just how you feel / Caught between a dream & what is real.” So when you can’t explain why things are not aligned right in your world – Blame It On The Moon.

Fresh Breeze

I wrote this song in 1985, I appreciate the lyrics more today than the day I wrote this song. For spiritual growth you have to evolve & that what this song is about for me. The lyrics in the Bridge sum it up.

Kick around any town & before too long / You’ll hear the sound of the same of the same sad song You feel used up / Tell me how / Tell me how can you stay / When all the love’s gone away

You need a Fresh Breeze / What you need every day / You need a Fresh Breeze