Share the Love

Man of the World

This is one of the best songs I have ever written. The opening line – No longer a victim of verdicts – Gives notice that we do not have to be held hostage by our past & that we are always living in a state of grace.

It’s My Turn

After I finished True Believer, I decided to call my next CD It’s My Turn.  I sat on the opening line – “Standing in line seems like such a long time” for about 6 months. I decided to write the song one night, so I went to a journal of song ideas that I had been writing in for months.  I picked out about 4 pages of lyric ideas, put them on the computer, edited out the content that did not apply & in about 30 minutes I had the lyrics complete.  I love this song for the main reason that it states a universal truth that we are already have all that we want & are who we want to be. All is Well Indeed.

Enjoy the Ride

I wrote this song the next day after I finished “It’s My Turn”.  Both songs are like bookends sharing similar themes. Above all else relax & enjoy all of the gifts that you have been given each & every day.

Tell a Better Story

One of the first books I read on Spirituality was Law Of Attraction by Jerry & Ester Hicks.  Early on in the book you are advised to Tell A Better Story as a tool to leading a better life.  While I read this book almost 5 years ago & try to practice this philosophy every day – I always thought the concept that it evokes would make for a good song.  I embrace the lyrics of this song in total & it makes me more aware that ever before to Tell A Better Story to lead a New Life.

Life is for Living

I wrote this for my Father after he passed in 1989. The reaction for me being that you have to live every day. As one of the lines states I’m gonna stand & fight as long as there is breath left in me.

Passion Free Me

I always felt that no matter what the circumstance in your life – All challenges can be overcome by a passion for your life to evolve & expand.

No Particular Reason

This song was written from the perspective that sometimes we love people for No Particular Reason or for any number of simple everyday reasons.


This is another song that came from the Collingswood 1970’s era of my life. This is about love lost even though the spirit remains long after the person is gone.

Forever and A Day

I wrote this song in 1976.  It was the first song I wrote that I thought was really good.  I still believe that way today. I did not write it about anyone in particular, it’s most likely an idealized way looking at what you think true love should be.

Where is the Love

I wrote this song in 2003, I had just finished my 1st CD Walk Into The Light we had family over for dinner on a Sunday Night & my now ex-wife said to everyone at the table “Are you done now”? Meaning are you done recording. As I was just starting to build my studio & I knew I could do better recordings I said “No I am just getting started”. Well 9 years later I got divorced. In retrospect that is where the relationship changed & our lives started taking a different path. This is another one of my favorite songs with very nice musical textures throughout the song. The lyrics set up & resolve the song in the 1st & 3rd verses.

1st Verse Where is the love / Where has it gone / I gave everything I had Why do I feel sad / Hold on / Did I do something wrong

3rd Verse Where is the love / Where has it gone / When I figure out What caused my doubt / I’ll slow down & embrace what I found.

Bye Bye to You

I had an interesting relationship with a woman that turned out to be very unconventional. I had deep feelings for her & I thought at the time that it could have developed into a long term & meaningful relationship. She had other ideas. Eventually I lost interest yet I allowed it to continue in an unconventional way for a number of years until finally I’d had enough – Bye Bye To You – Indeed.