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Here I Go Again

I have had a number of visits from my father after he passed in 1989. They have always been short but were very interesting encounters that in many ways I thought were quite profound. He visited me during a hypnosis session recently. These visits are always on his terms not mine. He has been traveling with his father my grandfather on his last two visits. My grandfather never says anything but I always love seeing him again. I wrote the lyrics based on this visit. His only words were “All that you desire is at hand”. I believe it’s very spiritual message with regards to Laws of Attraction & Manifestation. I am very pleased with this song as a response to the words my father said.

Wake Me When It’s Over

This is a breakup song with the concept being based on knowing 2 months in advance that your partner would be moving out. I thought it would be nice to sleep through the entire time period and wake up when it was over. While that’s not possible it was the basis for the song. The lyrics are a very honest portrayal of how I felt and a fair essay on my emotions during this transition from start to finish.

As we all know that if it was possible to wake up on moving day the emotional attachments are not at an end & a whole new set of circumstances emerge. It is truly a time for healing & learning.

Where Is The Love

I wrote this song in 2003, I had just finished my 1 st CD Walk Into The Light we had family over for dinner on a Sunday Night & my now ex-wife said to everyone at the table “Are you done now”? Meaning are you done recording. As I was just starting to build my studio & I knew I could do better recordings I said “No I am just getting started”. Well 9 years later I got divorced. In retrospect that is where the relationship changed; our lives started taking a different path. This is another one of my favorite songs with very nice musical textures throughout the song. The lyrics resolve the song in the 1st & 3rd verses.

I Still See Your Eyes

This song is about when you breakup with someone & no matter how much you never want to see them again your dreams are advising you otherwise.

Meet Me In The Middle

This song is the bookend to “Wake Me When It’s Over”. During the devolution of any relationship it’s most likely that one of the parties says or at least thinks that if the other party would meet them in the middle the relationship could be saved. I said & thought this many times during the breakdown of my last relationship. For me this song represents wishful thinking for a different ending that was not meant to be.

That Kind Of Girl

I wrote this about someone I was involved with a long time ago. This is a true story in that she really made me feel like I’d never felt before or possibly since. Unfortunately it was a short affair to my regret. Although I take full responsibility for it ending far too soon.


There really is no back story for this song. I just wanted to write a Love Themed Pop Song. But it may be a bit too long because of the guitar solos, musical breakdowns & other sonic surprises. All that being said I really like the song & the recording.

Baby Please Come Back

I had a lady friend at a point in my life who I really liked. A real relationship never evolved. What did evolve for several years was that she would stop by unannounced after a Happy Hour or whenever she felt like it for a Friends with Benefits encounter. Strangely enough this started to become an issue with me. As I resisted her advances she decided to come on strong pushing for a relationship. It never happened & I have not seen see her since. Read the Lyrics for the full story.


This song is about not wasting time which is a very precious commodity. So embrace every moment to make your dreams come true & manifest your destiny.

It’s A Secret

I wrote this song in 1986, I know who I wrote it about but It’s A Secret. I like the way the music compliments lyrical imagery.


This song is my response to those people who have been critical of me in the past for reasons that do not serve the greater good but do serve their ego based agenda.