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In this Town

I had a friend who lived across the street from the Collingswood Speedline. Read the lyrics & they will tell you all about this song.

I’m So Sorry

This song is about being truthful when a relationship has finished its journey. This is beautiful song.

Pardon Me

I wrote this song about how people that have money seem to diminish those that don’t.

Very Good Lyrics.

Baby Please Come Back

I had a lady friend at a point in my life who I really liked. A real relationship never evolved. What did evolve for several years was that she would stop by unannounced after a Happy Hour or whenever she felt like it for a Friends with Benefits encounter. This started to become an issue with me. As I resisted her she decided to come on strong pushing for a relationship. It never happened & I have not seen see her since. Read the Lyrics for the full story.

From My Window

I lived in Merchantville in the 70’s. I had a 2nd floor apartment, I practiced in the living room overlooking the street. On the other side of the street was a house converted into apartments. I used to see this young women coming & going on a regular basis. I thought she was cute & I always wondered what it would be like to meet her. I never did. This version of the song is an instrumental. I plan on recording a version of this song with vocals in the near future.

Hot Summer Days

The words are portrayed as a Breakup Song reflecting what happened to Summer Romance that did not make to the Wintertime.

The Restless Kind

This is a song about me. If you want to get a glimpse of who I am – Check out the Lyrics.

Out Of Control

When I wrote this song in 1986, there were things going on in my life that made me feel that I was Out Of Control. What I have come years later to realize that we are never in control. So I say Let Go, Surrender, Relax & Enjoy the Ride.”

September Song

I found the Music Chart to this song which I wrote in 1980. I also found a Reel to Reel Recording of the Song. As I listened I thought why didn’t I ever record this song? As I thought it was quite good. The original song title was “My Only One”. To make a long story short I decided to make it an Instrumental. I was recording the song in September, so it became “September Song”.


This song was written in response to people who at the time were critical of whatever I was doing & my reaction to those people.

On The Run

I wrote this song in 1985, I was taking shortcuts in some areas of my life where my rationalization was that the ends justified the means. The lyrics actually project a broader meaning upon a closer review.