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Here I Go Again

I have had a number of visits from my father after he passed in 1989. They have always been short but were very interesting encounters that in many ways I thought were quite profound. He visited me during a hypnosis session recently. These visits are always on his terms not mine. He has been traveling with his father my grandfather on his last two visits. My grandfather never says anything but I always love seeing him again. I wrote the lyrics based on this visit. His only words were “All that you desire is at hand”. I believe it’s very spiritual message with regards to Laws of Attraction & Manifestation. I am very pleased with this song as a response to the words my father said.


This song is about not wasting time which is a very precious commodity. So embrace every moment to make your dreams come true & manifest your destiny.


There really is no back story for this song. I just wanted to write a Love Themed Pop Song. But it may be a bit too long because of the guitar solos, musical breakdowns & other sonic surprises. All that being said I really like the song & the recording.

That Kind Of Girl

Hard to believe but this is a true story. I met a young lady who really did make me feel love in a way I had never felt before. Actually I wrote two other songs about her & it was quite nice while it lasted.