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Don’t Look Back In Anger

This song is truly about forgiveness & getting over the need to blame someone for your issues in life. I wrote the song about my parents, primarily about my mother. I wrote this song in 1986, it has more resonance for me now than ever before. This song is contains some of my best lyrics. They reflect my coming to terms with what had to be resolved while allowing me to forgive myself for holding on to my own resentments for so long.


Flip The Switch

The lyrics have to do with turning on a higher energy vibration that serves your greater good. The 2nd verse advises you to turn off the monkey mind chatter & get into the gap where a clear mind allows you to know where you going.


Enjoy the Ride

I wrote this song the next day after I finished “It’s My Turn”.  Both songs are like bookends sharing similar themes. Above all else relax & enjoy all of the gifts that you have been given each & every day.


Go With Flow

I wrote this song in 1986 & like some of my other songs written in that era I did not recognize the spiritual connection in the lyrics. It is apparent to me now that the lyrics are very spiritual in a thinly veiled way. Many of the books that I have read in the last 9 years all refer enjoying the journey, ride the river downstream, never go against the current, surrender & go with the flow of life. That’s what this song is about.


It’s My Turn

I sat on the opening line – “Standing in line seems like such a long time” for about 6 months. I decided to write the song one night, so I went to a journal of song ideas that I had been writing in for months. I picked out about 4 pages of lyric ideas, put them on the computer, edited out the content that did not apply & in about 30 minutes I had the lyrics complete. I love this song for the main reason that it states a universal truth that we already have all that we want & are who we want to be. We just have to allow all that is into our world.

Tell A Better Story

One of the first books I read on Spirituality was Law Of Attraction by Jerry & Ester Hicks.  Early on in the book you are advised to Tell A Better Story as a tool to leading a better life.  While I read this book over 8 years ago & I practice this philosophy every day – I always thought the concept that it evokes would make for a good song.  I embrace the lyrics of this song in total & it makes me aware each day to Tell A Better Story to lead a New Life.


The Gift Of Life

The day after I wrote “True Believer” I decided I wanted to write another song while the door was open. I was reading a Neville Goddard book at the time & the plan was to open the book to a random page, scroll down the page for a song title. The first sentence of the opening paragraph started off with The Gift Of Life. That was easy. For me the song is about the blessings we receive each day that unites us all. Love makes all your dreams come true


True Believer

When I was taking the Foundations Class at the Center for Conscious Living in the Spring of 2013, Reverend Carol Lawson told us that her daughter had sent her a card that said, “You’re just one conscious thought away from having a good time”. I thought this was a great opening line for a song & I told her so. For 6 months I was singing the opening line in my head until one night I decided to write the song. It was done in 15 minutes with virtually no editing. I was reading Ernest Holmes & Neville Goddard at the time so that helped. This song makes me feel such joy & has lyrics you can live by. This is one of the best songs I have recorded & I am very grateful for this gift from God.


Walk Into The Light

In 2003 Walk Into The Light was the first song I wrote in over 14 years. I was thinking what do I write about? I could not think of anything so I wrote about the fact that I had not written a song in over 14 years. When I was recording the vocals I realized that it was a spiritual song & one of the best songs I had ever written. It got me started on the path & the spirit of the song continues to sustain my commitment to music and a spiritual way of living. For which I am very grateful.