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Flip The Switch

The lyrics have to do with turning on a higher energy vibration that serves your greater good. The 2nd verse advises you to turn off the monkey mind chatter & get into the gap where a clear mind allows you to know where you going.


Enjoy the Ride

I wrote this song the next day after I finished “It’s My Turn”.  Both songs are like bookends sharing similar themes. Above all else relax & enjoy all of the gifts that you have been given each & every day.


Go With Flow

I wrote this song in 1986 & like some of my other songs written in that era I did not recognize the spiritual connection in the lyrics. It is apparent to me now that the lyrics are very spiritual in a thinly veiled way. Many of the books that I have read in the last 9 years all refer enjoying the journey, ride the river downstream, never go against the current, surrender & go with the flow of life. That’s what this song is about.


It’s My Turn

I sat on the opening line – “Standing in line seems like such a long time” for about 6 months. I decided to write the song one night, so I went to a journal of song ideas that I had been writing in for months. I picked out about 4 pages of lyric ideas, put them on the computer, edited out the content that did not apply & in about 30 minutes I had the lyrics complete. I love this song for the main reason that it states a universal truth that we already have all that we want & are who we want to be. We just have to allow all that is into our world.

Tell A Better Story

One of the first books I read on Spirituality was Law Of Attraction by Jerry & Ester Hicks.  Early on in the book you are advised to Tell A Better Story as a tool to leading a better life.  While I read this book over 8 years ago & I practice this philosophy every day – I always thought the concept that it evokes would make for a good song.  I embrace the lyrics of this song in total & it makes me aware each day to Tell A Better Story to lead a New Life.