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Flip the Switch

The lyrics have to do with turning on a higher energy vibration that serves your greater good. The 2nd verse advises you to turn off the monkey mind chatter & get into the gap where a clear mind allows you to know where you going.

Should I Dance

I wrote this song in 1984 after a meeting I had with a Record Producer. This person was very dismissive of the songs I played for him. These are the types of encounters that could make you want to retire your dream. The song title poses the question, the 1st verse sets up a scenario reasons to question your faith, the 2nd verse reasons why you should never allow outside influences to alter your course in life & the final chorus affirms that you are going to Dance & Not Fade Away. After I finished the song, I found out the Record Producer was a not very successful Used Car Salesman. And So It Is.

My Someday Came Today

I wrote this song in 1982 & I never recorded it. I was looking through some old songbooks & I came across this song. I love the lyric content along with the recording. The message is that we are always praying in one form or another for our life to change & how wonderful it would be to find that one day all your dreams came true even if for just one moment.

Hold Back

I wrote this song in 1985 and was most likely written from the point of view that while we all want a love relationship unless we can fully surrender to that person we will hold back until we know a little bit more.

Days of Autumn

This song came from the Collingswood 1970’s era of my life – This song was written about a beautiful late autumn day. This song has sensory based lyrics projecting an imagery that anyone can relate to from their own experience.

Hold Out Now

I wrote this song as a note to myself to hang in there whenever your life gets too much to handle.  It is a thinly veiled spiritual song as per the lyrics in the bridge.

Where Do We Go From Here

This song was written in 1986 – From the position that in every relationship there is that point you ask yourself or your partner – What’s next? Is this relationship worth continuing beyond this day to day?

Too Bad

I wrote this song from the perspective of when people who care about each other just can’t find a way to get along but are still waiting patiently to solve the mystery.


This is another song that came from the Collingswood 1970’s era of my life. One of the few truly romantic songs I have ever recorded.

From My Window

I lived in a house in Merchantville on the 2nd floor in the late 1970’s.  I used to practice in the living room overlooking the street.  I would see this very attractive young woman walking in & out of the house across the street. I never talked to her & this song was a what if scenario.

Two Face Sunset

I wrote this song in 1986 – I was doing a writing session with Gary King. He created a drum pattern that I started playing a guitar part to automatically. I recalled I had written some words in a notebook – I went a got them & that is how easily this song was written. To me the song is about living each day & how we get a gift to live another day.  One day leading to the next – The journey of life.

Alone In A Crowd

It was the middle of winter & I was walking on Market Street in Philadelphia Pa. I saw a homeless man lying on a grate, people were walking all around almost stepping over him. I started singing the words Alone In A Crowd to myself & I finished the song when I got home.

Love Is All Around

Anne Delaney & I took a Foundations Class at the Center For Conscious Living.  We had to do a Class Project.  I had a song that was completed but I no longer liked the words.  I suggested we collaborate on writing new lyrics.  We started working on them at Toscano’s Restaurant & finished them when we got home.  It was a wonderful experience.  The Title of the song “Love Is All Around” says all that needs to be said.