More Erlton Music 1986 To 1989

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I recorded a lot of music in the 1980’s.  I had a very nice recording studio in the house where I lived in the Erlton Section of Cherry Hill NJ.   These some of the songs that were recorded there from 1986 to 1989.  I have recorded many of these songs in recent years.  I was most likely trying to recapture the spirit of those times & improve the sound.  That proved to be challenging as I worked with some excellent engineers, musicians & singers.  Since I now play all the instruments & sing all the vocals, I had to grow as a creative artist & that is always a good thing. I had not listened to these songs for a long time. I was meeting with Doug Grigsby who played bass & programmed the Linn Drum Machine on many of these songs.  I had not seen Doug since 1989.  It seemed appropriate to play some of this material for him to the recall the good times.  I listened to the music with a new set of ears, appreciating on a level that I never had before.  I was very impressed with the overall energy & sound of confidence in the performances. It was a feeling that was very uplifting for me.  I am very grateful that I had a chance to revisit this music & experience it in a new & enlightened way.

I am a very grateful to the following people who contributed their talent to this music.

Bill Berends, George Diaz, Mike Gilliam, Ted Greenberg, Doug Grigsby, George Hackett, Adam Kessler, Gary King, Andy Kravitz, Dan Levinson, Demetrius Pappas, Melanie Rice