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4 & 20

I was drawn to music by Stephen Stills during his time in the Buffalo Springfield. This was one of the first songs I learned when I started to play guitar.


The Beatles were another large influence on my music. Like 4 & 20 – This was a must learn fingerstyle song in my early years of playing guitar.

Everybody’s Talking

I initially heard this Harry Nilsson song in the movie Midnight Cowboy. I played it in clubs in 1974 / 1975.

For What It’s Worth

This was the song that made me want to play guitar. This is another Stephen Stills song from the Buffalo Springfield’s first album. It’s was a protest song from the mid 60’s that had a lot of resonance during the ensuing years. I believe I did this iconic song justice.

Going Back

This is a Carol King song that the Byrds recorded on The Notorious Bryd Brothers album. I love the message of this song.

Helplessly Hoping

Another Stephen Stills song from the Crosby Stills & Nash album – Again this was a must learn fingerstyle song at the time.

On The Way Home

I always loved this Neil Young song from the Buffalo Springfield’s Last Time Around album. It has very interesting chord changes.

San Tropez

I used to play this Pink Floyd song with Steve Fairbank a lifelong friend of mine. This song was a joy to record.

Tears In Heaven

While this song is not from the 60’s or early 70’s – It is a classic fingerstyle song from a great artist.