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I have posted a new song “Wake Me When It’s Over” at

Go to the Home Page to listen to the full version of this song. Lyrics & a Song Story are also available.

This is a breakup song with the concept being based on knowing 2 months in advance that your partner would be moving out. I thought it would be nice to sleep through the entire time period and wake up when it was over. While that’s not possible it was the basis for the song. The lyrics are a very honest portrayal of how I felt and a fair essay on my emotions during this transition from start to finish.

The song is loaded with stacked vocals, layered guitars & keyboards – I am very pleased with the recording of this song.

I also rerecorded “Here I Go Again” – I am glad I did. This was the first song I recorded on Pro Tools. This new version is a much better sounding version then its predecessor.

“Here I Go Again” Sidetracked” “Temptation” “That Kind of Girl” & Wake Me When It’s Over” are posted in the “Here I Go Again” Album Tab. Lyrics & Song Stories are also available for each song. I am planning to release this CD in September.

My CD’s “Flip The Switch” / “It’s My Turn” / “True Believer” & “Out Of Control” are available for Purchase at CD Baby, ITunes, Amazon & other Internet based Music Sites.

If you would like to contact me I can be reached at 856-870-5335 or

I hope you enjoy the music – Feedback is Welcome.

Dan Dailey
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